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The web is a wonderful thing. It means we can connect with people from all over the world and produce work for clients as far away as Scotland (Hi Terrence!). What we miss when working long distance is the personal connection, the human touch and the building of strong relationships through mutual respect and support.

Jay Perry is a photographer from Stoney Creek, just outside of Hamilton, Ontario. He believes in supporting local artists, tradespeople and community. (Take a look at his side project Friends with Hearts to see how a few people can change the lives of many in their own community). When he decided it was time to bring his letterpress printing north of the border and work with a local company, he found us on the world wide web, and sent us a note.

His request was simple. He wanted one-colour note cards with his logo. That’s it, that’s all. Now normally we’re not a trade printer because of our kooky schedules and our love of the design portion of the process, but much like Jay, we try to support and shop local as much as we can. And look how good his logo looks on scrumptious Crane’s Lettra. A match made in heaven.

Thanks to the world wide web, we’ve made another great, local connection. If your match made in heaven is looking for a wedding photographer, check out his amazing work at Hilmer & Himson (the adorable pups in his logo).