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Over the last month we helped Pablo the Dog rebrand themselves. Their story is touching and you can learn more about them on their site. We liked what they were doing and agreed to work with them because of their alignment with some of our core values – quality, integrity and care. They are dedicated to improving the way dogs are fed by preparing the treats with fresh, good quality ingredients. And it seems like a nice fit with how we try to live and work, even though we don’t have dogs. (Before we took on the project, cleared it with our two cats, Emma and Pica.) This is a great locally made product and what goes into them is more than just good ingredients, it’s the care and craft they put into every one of their Mutt Balls.

After talking with the client and seeing that she was the illustrator (using her beloved pet as the model) we didn’t suggest a whole new logo and re-branding. The idea was there, it just needed a little push to become more modern, clean, impactful and refreshed. The main focus is still Pablo, and by taking what was already there we were able to refine the typography, colour palette, placement and basic logo structure the brand now has a more professional image and a better first impression for new clients. And both the client and ourselves are happy with the updated look and feel.

In addition to the new logo, we launched the a new WordPress based website for them. Now the client will be able to update the site themselves easily. And we’ll always be there to help with any of the heavy lifting. Check them out: Pablo the Dog



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