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We’re been framed

We usually sell our prints and artwork unframed, in a protective sleeve. That way, the art lover who bought the piece can have it framed in a way that best suits their design aesthetic.

But sometimes people like the ease and convenience of buying a piece of artwork already framed. So we decided to frame ourselves and started offering art lovers the choice of purchasing a selection of our most popular prints framed or unframed.

For those of you who purchased one of our unframed prints, and still haven’t framed it, what are you waiting for? To help you with some ideas, we found this link about how to frame and mat a picture. If you purchased one of our prints and framed it, please send us a picture and show us how we’ve been framed!


camping trio

Love how our camping trio matches the towels in this bathroom

cathys stompin tom

Where better to feature Stomping’ Tom than in a Canadian themed room


And sticking with the Canadian theme, here’s To Victory in a history classroom


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