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People often compile lists as a way to remember the past year and to highlight special moments. Tanya created a special list and contacted us just before Christmas to help her create the perfect gift for her husband. They were coming up on their first year anniversary and she wanted something that was one-of-a-kind, personal, meaningful and reflected how much she loved her husband.

The traditional gift for a first year wedding anniversary is paper. Tanya’s idea was to create a custom designed and printed poster to celebrate 52 Ways she loved her husband – one for every week of their marriage. Lucky for us she decided on letterpress and found us online.

We are so thrilled and honoured to be part of this very touching project. Helping her create her own piece of art is very rewarding for us. And we hope she and her husband enjoy compiling a new list for the years to come. Thanks, Tanya for the picture of the framed piece and so glad to hear your husband loved it.

Who says romance or print is dead?