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August / Canada150 – Expo ’67

Neither of us was lucky enough to attend this World’s Fair, although we are constantly reminded by the family members who did attend, how amazing it was! No, we’re not bitter…

The “Universal and International Exhibition,” known as Expo ’67, was the highlight of Canada’s Centennial celebrations in 1967.

Man and His World

The central theme for the exhibition of “Man and His World” was created  to showcase and highlight the the full range of activities of the contemporary man. This was stipulated by the Bureau International des Expositions in Paris who awarded the show to Montreal after Moscow dropped out.

Iconic Designs

The event put Montreal on the map and is remembered by those who attended as drawing them into a futuristic fantasy world. It opened their eyes to people and places they’d never experienced before.

Some 60 countries were part of Expo, which included architectural and technological marvels as part of nearly 100 pavilions.

You can read more about the cool pavilions, iconic designs and fashion forward outfits worn by the Expo hostesses  here and here

By the end of the year, every Canadian citizen had this song ringing through their heads – apologies in advance if you choose to click the link!