Here at Pomegranate Letterpress we enjoy creating art. Art can take the form of one of our fun greeting cards, or one of our original artwork prints, or in the form of working with you on a special project to create a truly one-of-a-kind object d’art!

Letterpress Greeting Cards

We have a selection of pre-printed greeting cards such as thank you, blank notes, christmas, specialty art, birthday, wedding + baby congratulation cards. You can find us at a select few print/art shows during the year in the GTA. Or shop on our online store at pomestore where you can use PayPal or a Credit Card.

Custom Cards + Original Artwork + Commissions

If you would like custom personal or corporate greeting cards created, contact us and we’ll be happy to design and print a run just for you.

Wedding Sets

We are slowly moving away from creating wedding invitation sets. We loved being a small part of your day and enjoyed working with every one of you. Our focus now is on creating original artwork, and sharing our love of letterpress through our Pome Playshops. Have you considered attending one as a couple? Believe it or not, we’ve had a number of couples come to a playshop and print their save-the-date cards. We like to think of it as a form of couples therapy, and so far, we have had 100% successful marriages as a result.

Gallery Owner?

We have a collection of Canadian Wildlife prints and a series of outstanding Canadian moments of Canadian history all printed from hand-carved linoleum blocks. Or, do you have an idea for a custom show you’d like to produce featuring letterpress? Let’s chat.

Wholesale Pricing

Own a store? If you’re a retailer and would like to carry some of our cards, or create a custom poster exclusively for your clients please contact us, we do offer wholesale prices.