March 2016

5 Reasons to shop at Grimsby Wayzgoose

First of all, what’s a wayzgoose? It’s a traditional gathering of printers, their apprentices and workers to celebrate the end of the summer printing season. You can learn more about it here. Every year, on the last Saturday in April, printers, book binders, paper makers and other book artists gather at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery to honour this tradition.

Join us on Saturday April 30, 2016  9am-5pm

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PomePals are special

Sign up for our PomePost newsletter!

Did you ever have a pen pal when you were a kid? Well, this is kinda the same. We like to keep in touch with our pals so we’ve made it easy – all you have to do is sign up for our PomePost newsletter and we’ll become what we like to call PomePals.

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